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Success Stories

Our success stories are not just about academic achievements but also about the development of well-rounded individuals who embrace life with confidence and enthusiasm.

At Dhanvantri School, our commitment to inclusive education goes beyond textbooks; it is about nurturing the potential within each child and empowering them to create their own success stories.

As we continue to witness the growth and triumphs of these exceptional children, we remain dedicated to providing an environment that fosters inclusivity, understanding, and unwavering support.

The success stories from Dhanvantri School are beyond overcoming obstacles; they are about rewriting the narrative and proving that every child, regardless of their challenges, can reach for the stars.

Dhanvantri School
Unleashing the Extraordinary in Every Child.

A remarkable success story at the Child Welfare School involves a 2-year-old boy diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he first joined our program. Upon admission, he presented with delayed developmental milestones, motor and sensory impairments, and an inability to sit or stand unassisted. Recognizing his unique needs, we enrolled him

In the vibrant town of Bhuj, amidst the tapestry of colors that India is known for, lived a remarkable young boy named Saumya. Born into a world of silence, Saumya’s journey was bound to be extraordinary from the very beginning. He carried with him a hearing impairment, a challenge he

Rajendra worked at a place called BKT and earned a modest monthly salary of Rs. 15000. He looked after a beautiful garden that was the pride of the place. With his dedication and passion, he nurtured every plant and flower. Rajendra’s journey to this role was quite fascinating. He hadn’t

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