Beyond Education: Cultivating Social Adaptability in the Child Welfare Trust School Students

Activities at Dhanvantri School

As an integral aspect of our ‘Social Integration and Mainstream School Inclusion’ methodology, we empower our students with the essential skills for independent living beyond their educational journey with us.

To enhance social adaptability, we orchestrate a variety of excursion trips, educational field outings, festival celebrations, and recreational activities throughout the academic year.

These experiences provide Dhanvantri students with invaluable opportunities to acclimate to mainstream society, fostering their capacity to operate autonomously, without relying on external support.

Such experiences play a central role in shaping their path towards self-sufficiency and active participation as contributing members of the broader community.

From Education to Empowerment

Independence Day The school was decorated with Orange, Green and white colours which represent the national flag of our country.The students were dressed in the colours that represent our national flag. The celebration program began with prayer to goddess Saraswati after that the students learnt how to make national flag

Medical Camp The medical camp was organized in the school. On these days, the trustees of the school were also present – Neelam and Anita and they provided their service. On the first day 52 children were examined and on the second day 32 children were examined this camp was

Our Success Stories

Our students are breaking barriers and succeeding in their pursuits.

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