Activities: 2022-2023

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Medical Camp

The medical camp was organized in the school.

On these days, the trustees of the school were also present – Neelam and Anita and they provided their service.

On the first day 52 children were examined and on the second day 32 children were examined this camp was possible only because of the help of the staff.

Chintan Farm Visit

On 4th May, 30 students of the school visited the Chintan farm.

Chintan focuses on farming technique centered around cows. The students were able to learn that during the visit.

The students learnt how to make incense sticks, earthen lamp, clocks and many more things with the help of cow dung.
After that they learnt how to make fertilizer with the help of organic matters, they also learnt how to make other things from that.

Visit at Suralbhitt

The students reached there  and climbed the mountain to visit the temple. They climbed the mountain using the stairs and had a great view of the city. The teachers explained them the view which they were seeing from the mountain.
After visiting the mountain they went for the fair.
The teachers provided some information regarding the fair to the students. The students were really excited to go to the fair and they had fun and joy there. The students clicked photos with their friends and the teachers.

International Yoga Day

On 21st of June school had organized the Yoga Day for the children. The yoga day started at 10:30 in the morning all the teachers were also involved. A total of 50 children were present.

Capacity Building for Teachers

On the 18th of September, the teachers were provided training by Smt Luma Ben, in a total of 11 teachers were present including the trustees Madhuri Ben and Aarti Ben.

In this the teachers were provided training regarding IEP.
So that the teachers can do different activities which can help the child to get better.

The training started by dividing the teachers into the group of two so that every group can learn better.
It provided all the knowledge regarding different activities which can be done for the children. This training was really helpful for the teachers.

Sports Day

The school had organized a sports day where different games were organized for the children on the occasion of sports day.

The students were really excited to play
different games such as –

  • Frog race
  • Three leg race
  • Sack race
  • Lemon spoon
  • 50 meters race
  • Musical chair


Funfair was organized by the school on the death anniversary of Dr Shantanu Ben Patel. The funfair started by lightening of the lamp by Ramesh Bhai. The funfair had total 20 stalls. All this had different food items like samosa, idli sambar and many other.

The little children won by playing games at different stalls. The students and their parents were invited in this fair. All people were welcomed at funfair. The funfair came to an end at 7:30 in the evening.

Vocational Training

This year we have finally achieved our long-awaited dream of opening a vocational centre for our students who have completed their studies at the school.
In this, the students received training and learned how to make bags, frameworks and many other useful and creative works. The students who had completed the study from our school joined this
training and they received the order to make bags from IIT Bombay.

The team completed the order in 25 days. Kinjal ben Soni provided their supervision to the children and the children were able to complete all the orders easily due to the supervision.