Breaking Barriers: Meet Rajendra

Rajendra worked at a place called BKT and earned a modest monthly salary of Rs. 15000.

He looked after a beautiful garden that was the pride of the place. With his dedication and passion, he nurtured every plant and flower.

Rajendra’s journey to this role was quite fascinating. He hadn’t pursued higher education beyond the 10th grade, but his story was one of opportunity and determination. It was his kind neighbor who had first told him about the job at BKT and helped him secure an interview.

Despite his educational background, Rajendra’s enthusiasm and dedication shone through, landing him the job.

The roots of Rajendra’s upbringing were grounded in a supportive family. His father worked as a security guard at the Bank of Baroda, while his mother lovingly managed their household. From a young age of 8, he was enrolled in Dhanvantari, where he received an education and a chance to thrive.

However, he had a unique challenge – he was hyperactive. But this challenge didn’t deter him; rather, he embraced it and harnessed his energy to bring positivity into everything he did.
He formed a strong friendship with a classmate who had cerebral palsy (CP), offering unwavering support to his friend through thick and thin. His education up until the 8th grade had been at Dhanvantari, where he received specialized care and attention.

However, he transitioned into a regular school, and to his delight, the other children there were incredibly supportive.
Rajendra’s parents played a crucial role during this transition, offering him the necessary handholding to adapt and excel. Rajendra nurtured a dream close to his heart – he wanted to own and manage his own farm.

With a vision for his future, Rajendra aimed to establish a settled life for himself and his family.