Therapeutic Intervention Strategies

Specific therapeutic intervention strategies are implemented under each of three disability areas that the Child Welfare Trust addresses.
These are:
• Hearing Impairment − Auditory training and conditioning
−Facial orientation and Oro-motor exercises
− Sensitization to tactile stimulation
− Hearing aid management training for mother and child
− Speech and language training

• Intellectually Disability
− Speech and language training
− Classroom learning
− Behavioral modifications
− Social skills training
− Training in ADL skills
• Cerebral Palsy
− Physiotherapy and Oro-motor exercises
− Hydrotherapy
− Occupational therapy
− Sensory Motor Integration
− Appliances training (calipers and splints)
− Sensory Motor Integration kits: footwear, walkers, wheel chairs, sitting aids, toilet training aids and feeding appliances