Counseling Parents and Family members

                            Parents are often distraught with the initial diagnosis and go through a phase of denial, refusing to accept that their child has a disability. In addition to this, the deep-rooted stigma surrounding disability in India makes it exceedingly difficult for both parents and their children to understand and address their concerns positively.

Staff members of Dhanvantri School spend a considerable amount of time counselling parents and family members about what their child requires. Through counselling sessions, both the child and parents learn to come to terms with the disability and jointly participate in the intervention process.

Involving parents and other family members in intervention strategies is a crucial component that significantly impacts the progress the child makes. Individual educational plans are drawn up for each child, according to the severity of their disability, and shared with the parents. Parents are also given assignments to complete with their child on a daily basis. These activities serve to develop a support system for the child and in the process, also prepare the parent to fully embrace their child's disability.